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Jackpot: You got the job offer! #ThursdayTips


Congratulations! Finally, you got the offer. If you’re thinking of accepting, this means that your salary expectations have probably been met.

Now, what other elements of the offer are worth a closer look? It all starts with asking yourself a question: “What’s important to me?”


Do you have a clear view on the promotion opportunities? Any timeframes for this to happen? Clear goals / KPIs to meet in order to secure the advancement?

Will the new position require you learn a lot? Are you going to be supported in this process by the company? Training budget?

Is there someone who’s going to help you with your development? Who could support you during challenging moments?


Are you able to work from home at times without any hassle? Will you be able to fit your life commitments around this new role?

Sometimes obvious but location can really affect your well-being. A long commute means you’ll be less efficient and will also impact your work-life balance.


What’s the real overtime policy? Should you be available evenings and weekends? Is it a 9-5.30 but no-one leaves before 7 pm?

Think hard before saying yes to a lucrative offer!
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