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#ThursdayTips: The beginning.


Do you remember the days when you only had 160 characters to express what was on your mind (SMS)? When there were no notifications flashing on your screen, and you weren’t struggling to respond to all your messages and cope with FOMO*?

Well, we do. And we really marvel at the fact that we were able to communicate this way and somehow managed to exchange all necessary information.

Nowadays, we all moan about how overwhelmed we are by the flood of content attacking us from every direction. We read about the negative effects that social media has on us, and that we should be spending less time online.

So, trying to incorporate all of the above, we came up with the solution. Harvey John is dedicated to following recent trends in cutting down on clutter and will prepare a series of short useful tips that'll aid your career progression.

We’re saying ‘no’ to clutter and starting our #200words programme! We’ll be releasing relevant career advice every Thursday. Always under 200 words.

And since we have 20 words left, we’d like to encourage you to find out why a text message is limited to 160 characters. Pretty cool story.

#200words #ThursdayTips #STAYTUNED

*FOMO - Fear of missing out - anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.
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