Meet the Team

Alex Bull
Research & Content Consultant | 0123456789 | 07123456789
The primary focus of Alex’s role is to streamline the recruitment process by assisting our legal team with sourcing for roles from NQ to Partner and General Counsel positions for our private practice and in-house clients. Further to this, she looks into how we communicate business and market intelligence to our legal network.

Alex also assists with lead generation and market mapping to help the legal team keep on top of changes in recruitment within the legal professional market.

Alex’s goal is to work with the legal team to ensure that our network benefits from our unique perspective on the ever-evolving legal landscape, making sure that the legal team has up-to-date insight on market changes through research and content marketing and analysis.

Alex is key to bringing Harvey John’s values of empathy and inclusivity to our legal recruitment.

Why Harvey John?

  • We don’t just match candidates with vacancies. We motivate people to fulfill their true potential and enable companies to grow and achieve their career objectives
  • We aim at working exclusively with our candidates and clients, providing our undivided attention to achieve the highest quality outcome
  • Being a team of less than 20 people, we treat our clients and candidates with a dedicated and personal approach
  • We invest in our team to make sure they exceed your expectations. All new members of the team undergo intensive training which covers the latest sourcing methods and newly designed tools to make sure we stay ahead of the competition
  • Our company guidelines leave lots of room for creativity and an individual approach. This allows our consultants to be fully engaged and develop “out-of-the-box” ideas and strategies, enabling the whole team to achieve outstanding results