Harvey John Ltd


"We needed to recruit a part-time Company Secretary. The last person recruited hadn't worked out - we'd spent a lot of money on the advertisement / a lot of time short-listing / a lot of time interviewing and still we didn't get the right person.

This time, we decided to use a specialist agency. Harvey John was recommended and we also contacted two other agencies. David from Harvey John was interested immediately in seeing the job description and finding out more relevant information. He also was the only person from the agencies contacted who came to visit, got a feel for the Charity, and found out more about what it was we were really looking for.

We had very little spare time - David forwarded one person to us that met all of the criteria required and we have recruited that person. The other agencies forwarded CV's which didn't meet all the criteria - obviously we lost time in that process. I can't begin to tell you what a relief it has been having professional and specialist support in this area. Thank you!"

Chief Executive
Sussex based Charity